Anheuer Kristóf
Anheuer Kristóf
Hello hello hello,

Thank you very much for taking the time to visit my justgiving page!

As an epic finish of an incredible 4 years at St Andrews, I have decided to do the last journey back to Budapest taking an alternative means of transportation: my bike. I will be cycling through Europe for around 2000 kilometres starting the beginning of July. I set the target for 16 days that will be challenging even with my infinite energy levels.

As an athlete and a very keen sportsman, I have first hand experience how exercise affects my everyday life in a positive way. I've been doing sports since I was little and I love sharing my passion with others no matter if it's a hardcore run track session or just a short hike with friends. I feel incredibly lucky to be able to move this much and have an active lifestyle. This is the reason I would like to support those who normally would not have the opportunity to experience all this.

I am raising for "Suhanj! Foundation", a Hungarian charity helping people with various disabilities getting involved in sports and sharing the joy of movement. The organisation and the wide community of volunteers provide opportunities for the disabled to exercise and participate in sporting events, organise campaigns to raise awareness and support disabled people and their families. They recently opened the first inclusive gym in Hungary accessible for people with visual impairment and physical disabilities.

I would like to thank you for reading my story. I also would like to thank my friends and training partners who not only qualified for the Paralympics in Rio, but inspired this project. You are a true inspiration to all of us.


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