Sanchez-Jankó Melinda
Sanchez-Jankó Melinda
My craziness for running started in 2012, when in November
I made up my mind that I am going run a half marathon in next spring. That time I
could maybe run 30 mins -and every step hurt - but I was determined and followed my
little training routine in rain and snow, until April came and I have enjoyed
the spring sun and my race in Balatonfüred, where I am going back every year.
The same year I ran more half marathons and in 2015 enjoyed the Vienna City
Marthon immensley. As my love for running grew I have discocvered the most
satisfying way of running: in nature. My first experience was the 2014 Womens Day Flower run
in Hármashatárhegy and have not stopped since. The longest and hardest way the Ultratrail
of Szentendre in 2015- first ever Salomon Ultra trail in Hungary, which I have survived.
This year I would like to collect the special medal for the 5 series trail run in Hungary
- so now I am getting ready for the Matra Trail L race 28 km, 1200 m elevation.
Suhanj has been an organisation I wanted to join for a long time - befor I felt I am not experienced
enough to run for charity.
I am ready now, to help the people, to coach, to run.

Support me with your donation, so more and more people can feel the joy and adrenalin
excercise and run gives us all.

Thank you!

Előző sikeres adománygyüjtésem
Vállalásom: 50.000 Ft
Itt tartok most: 40.000 Ft
Itt teljesítem: Nyúlcipőbolt Mátra Trail, 2016.10.16.
80 %

2016-10-14 10:09:00
5 000 Ft
Szertünk Melcsi (azért is), amiért ilyen önzetlen és jó ember vagy! Hajrá!!!!

Ken Winkley
2016-10-13 19:31:46
15 000 Ft
Good luck Melinda, you go girl!

Rex Fields
2016-10-13 16:16:53
15 000 Ft
Good luck! Run hard!

Anonim adományozó
2016-10-13 15:57:58
5 000 Ft